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Our Products

We offer a wide variety of products for  your in house and at

home caffeine , tea & sweet treat needs! 

Beans & Brews

Ethically sourced and traceable beans, Masterful and consistent roasting, Sustainable practices in packaging and distribution. Zafiato Coffee leads to one of the simplest joys of life - a perfect cup of coffee! Every one of our coffees are meticulously handcraft and blended post-roast using only 86-plus (Q-graded) specialty coffees sourced directly from our farming partners in some of the most incredible regions on earth. 

Shop our Coffee Selection in Store or Call to order today!

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Mighty Leaf Teas

15 Pouch Boxes - $15 Each

Flavours Available: 

English Breakfast (Also Available in Decaf)

Earl Grey (Also Available in Decaf)

Wild Berry Hibiscus

Green Tea

Mint Tea

Chamomile Citrus

Chai Tea

Sugar Free Chocolate
Keto Chocolate Benefits

$20 Each

Only 1 Net carb per serving! 

0 G Sugar


Toffee & Chocolate at their Finest

Coconut Cravings

Chewy, Chocolatey, Made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Almandine Nougat

Crispy Almonds & Chewy Nougat

Moka Roka

Espresso-y, Chocolatey, Crunchy

Everything Bark 

Brittle, Toffe & Salty Nuts in Dark Chocolate

Salted Caramel Cluster

Salty Nuts & Seeds in sweet caramel

Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 12.25.58 PM.png

Our Quarter Acre pottery

handformed + one of a kind | fisherville, ON
small town • small joys • small batches


Coffee Scoops 


$30 Each

$10  Each

$30  Each

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